Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fall on your knees...Oh, hear Tarah Crying!

Novi, Michigan Twelve Oaks Mall

December 1993
Who the heck knows?


Teenage daughter and mother with shopping bags as far as the eye can see..stuffed from one arm to the next and approach cramped, congested escalator. It's Christmas time in the city.
Both females appear to have made it on said escalator with no issues. Till mother decides to joke with teenage daughter and teenage daughter loses her balance. Does NOT just tumble but rolls violently, screaming and shreeking in horror as packages and presents are thrown from the top to the bottom. "I'm stuck" I scream!
My hair (to the middle of my back) is being eating by this chomping machine. Security runs over quickly as maybe about 60 people are staring at me as if I have just fallen down an escalator but why won't they stop looking??? Maybe it is because not only was my pride cut down a notch or two but so was my hair. Totally eaten and knarley....It was bad, It had to be physically cut out of the escalator..

My Most Embarrasing Moment caught before YouTube existed? Priceless.

My new holiday tradition: Avoid Escalators at all costs!

What is your holiday tradition?



  1. Oh no!!! I am always so worried about that but I have never had an escalator incident. My holiday tradition appears to be EATING TOO MUCH! :) Merry Christmas!

  2. Oh girl I love that story and it gets better with age. LOL I am one else will think it is funny. But I sure do. We get our grace and balance from our Mothers. LOL I am busting a gut. You know I love you and I am so glad your hair grew back:)

  3. Oh my word! That would give me nightmares about escalators for life! And I thought I was overreacting to warn my kids to be careful getting on and off those things!

  4. That seriously happened to you Tarah? OUCH!!!

    That's awful. I've heard horror stories, but never knew anyone! Yikes.

    I'll take the stairs, thank you very much.

  5. That is the most horrifying, and yet hilarious thing I've ever heard! I can tell by your picture that your beautiful hair grew back, but I don't blame you if you have serious issues about escalators for the rest of your life. If you're mom was anything like mine, she would have been worried at first, and then that would have become her favorite story to tell everyone for the rest of her life.

  6. oh my word I cannot believe that actually happens! I dont know if I'd ever ride an escalator again!

    ps - cracked me up to think that today someome would have totally got that on YouTube!

  7. Ouch!I worry about my shoe strings on those things.

  8. What? Oh my! that is terrible...but according to's hilarious! So, I kinda laughed too...just imagining that sight! Glad you have all your hair now...and escalators have always scared me a little!

  9. Holy Moses! That must have hurt! Glad I have short hair. :)

    Our holiday tradition is to go to Christmas Eve service as a family and then hit the Chinese restaurant on the way home. Fa ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra!!!!!!!

  10. That would be terrifying!
    We always go to church on Christmas Eve than over to my inlaws that night. It is a lot of fun and we stay up way too late.

    Merry Christmas!

  11. NO WAY! That is horrible! (And kinda makes me afraid of escalators.) One time I was vacuuming the stairs with one of those hand held vaccumes and I got my (very long) hair stuck in it and had to cut it out. I thought that was bad, but I think yours story is worse!

  12. Maybe that's why I don't like escalators very well!


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