Tuesday, December 15, 2009

But You May Call Me Cookie

Do you ever feel like you're only eating dinner just to get to the dessert? I mean, do you ever feel like that?

My hubby made these cookies on Saturday and let me tell you, that night it was all about the cookies. I ate the dinner like my mommy raised me to, but if it's possible to have one hand on the fork and the other hand on the cookies......I was there.

Fortunately my family was gone for the evening so that I could devote my entire meal time thoughts to the cookie, the whole cookie, and nothing but the cookie.

I did not have to waste brain cells by talking about such unimportant things such as the state of the country, our bills, or whether or not we should take a vacation this year. No, I was free to inhale my foot, sorry, I mean inhale my food, and make sure I had room for a cookie or two, or six dozen.

Then, right as I was reaching the home stretch of finishing my dinner, my mother had the nerve to ask me to please get her another carton of milk as her other milk had soured. Really? She eats sour cream and she loves buttermilk (which I can't stand) and she can't swallow a little sour milk so that I can get to my cookie faster? What is this world coming to???

Then the dog entertained me with all his problems about not being tall enough to open the outside door and he has paws instead of fingers, and really, he's sorry and hates to bother me but could I please open the door so he could go out? Yeah, yeah, whatever, heard it all before.

Then the little dog is all like I haven't had my dinner yet and you fed me dog food again and there you are worried about eating your cookie? And I'm all like, your food is sitting over there in your bowl, why don't you eat it? And she's all like, you know I don't like to eat alone and my furry brother is outside, and I'm like so wait for him to come in and she's all like, you know, pulling an attitude with me and I'm all like, whatever dude.

Then the phone rings and it's my mother again (who lives in the same house as me) and she's calling me (using her cell phone!) because it's so much easier to call than to walk down the hall and did I know that "It's A Wonderful Life" is going on tonight?

People, just how hard is it to eat a cookie?


  1. Oh me! You are too funny. If I documented my eating a cookie in our house, I usually end up in my closet! LOL.

  2. That sounds like alot of work for a cookie!I simply keep a hidden stash on my desk for when the kiddies go to bed ;0)

  3. Oh honey, I'm right there with you!!! I just posted on cookies yesterday and I can't seem to get enough ~ and hey, I like that comment above about keeping a hidden stash! I like her! You have me cracking up as USUAL!!!!!! ♥

  4. You're so Valley Girl, Nan.

    Cuz you're so like...
    and I'm so like....
    and she so like....

    ha ha ha

    Hey Nan, take a break from bloggin' and go grab yourself a COOKIE. Like okay? Cool beans!

  5. Can't a girl eat a few dozen cookies in peace:-)
    Every once in a while I like to inhale a few cookies myself, uninterrupted thank you :-)

  6. It sounds like it could be very difficult depending on whose house you live in....I soooo get it!
    Blessings, andrea

  7. At least you didn't just stuff it in your mouth real fast and not even taste it. Wait for that perfect moment Nan! And really savor every morsel of it. :) Your time will come! LOL maybe tonight at 4 am :)

  8. That is too funny. I hope you finally got to enjoy a cookie or 12. That is how I feel about my pumpkin muffins. The other night around 11pm hubby wouldn't run up to the corner dunkin donuts to get me one...the nerve. I had been wanting one all day and just couldn't get there:)

  9. So did you finally get to eat the cookie or did you have the whole plate? Cookies are meant to last they are meant to be enjoyed, right fresh from the oven, with a cold glass of milk.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  10. Those cookies must be divine. Although, honestly, for me, I can't get enough "It's a Wonderful Life" this time of year. So, your mom made me smile.

  11. Sounds like you got your exercise (mentally and physically)! I hope you enjoyed every crumb of that cookie....I mean those cookies!

  12. Love this!!! You are too funny! Hope you finally got your cookie!

  13. So were the cookies as good as you hoped?

    Like that's a dumb question. Of course they were...they were chocolate chip...chocolate being the operative word!!!!

  14. You are waaaaaaay toooooo funny!! Thinking about your mother calling you on her cell phone in the same house got me cracking up!! I know she is heading towards 90, so that is as funny as my 90 year old mother sending email forwards!! Did you ever get that cookie??


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