Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Man Vs. Machine

During summertime my hubby is obsessed with mowing our lawn. He considers it a personal insult if the grass dares to grow beyond what he thinks it should.

If it grows as much as a quarter of an inch past, it is ON, people! It's quite entertaining to see the battle o' the green.

Hubby drags the lawn mower out and begins to mow the lawn. The lawn mower says "I don't think so, mister" and proceeds to make a loud noise and give it up.

I jump at the noise and go running to the window because I think that the lawn mower has eaten my husband. I am happy to see my husband alive and with all his limbs attached.

My hubby is thinking "No blood, no glory" and fiddles with the mower a bit.

He gently coaxes it to work again with tender promises and outright lies, and then goes back to the business of mowing. Sticks fly, grass goes everywhere, and I forget he's out there and send the dogs out.

"Who let the dogs out? Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!".......oh, sorry........would you prefer "Who? Who? Who? Who?"

Yes, it was me. I forget and let the dogs out while hubby is fighting mowing the lawn. I then try to get the dogs back in, or at least the toy poodle before that mean ole' mower eats all five pounds of her.

Then he will mow right over some of my flowers in the flower bed and I will call out the window "Ummmmm......that was a flower........" Then he mows over some more flowers and I think that maybe I should take his warning to weed the flowers more seriously. After all, when the grass begins to grow into the flower beds, who can blame him?

Hubby is out there for about five years because we have a lot of lawn. Once again he thinks about how much easier it would be to have a riding mower. But once again, his frugality gets the better of him.

Well, that and I think he really like to fight with the thing. After all, nothing will make you man up like having to fight with a lawn mower. Do I hear an "amen" grunt?

Lately, our sons have been taking turns mowing the lawn. Recently, I think I saw a tear of nostalgia fall from my husband's eye as he watched, probably thinking "That used to be my job." Cheer up, honey, there will be lots of lawn mowing years ahead of you after the boys leave the nest.


  1. This could so be me and my husband! lol You didn't mention how well he takes care of his mower, though... mine rinses ours off faithfully with the hose after so its spic n span. And we don't have dogs. :)

  2. I used to mow our half acre with a push mower because I like the exercise but when I got pregnant, all of a sudden we HAD to have a riding lawn mower and my husband all of a sudden wanted to mow. LOL! Honey, the push mower works just fine! LOL! I love my man and it sounds like my husband and your husband are kindred spirits. Ha!
    We'll see someday huh?

  3. I've asked to have my hubby teach me how to use the riding lawn mower... he says that it is his pride and joy. I've stopped asking :-) hehe

  4. Nan,

    I love to mow. There is something about having that perfect manicured look to your lawn and knowing how inviting it looks to kids and pets alike.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. lol, i was giggling this whole post. i love the smell of fresh cut grass.

  6. Love the smell of freshly cut grass. I don't mind mowing as long as it isn't too stinking hot. Dh usually does it. I can't get the silly thing started. I know I look funny trying to rip the cord dozens of times. Probably flood the engine and all that. LOL!

  7. You are SUCH a hoot!!! I've done the same thing with letting the pups out - OOPS! The one barks like crazy and gets 2 inches from the mower and my husband just keeps going and says, "Oh, he'll move, don't worry." :D

  8. CUTE! Your hubby is just as funny as you are :-)


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