Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's My Wallpaper And I Can Take It Down If I Want To

Oh wow, I totally forgot about my post today. Sorry! I do have a post all prepared and ready to go, but I totally forgot to "publish" so it is still sitting in draft. Guess I'll use it next week.

As I mentioned on my "Messy Monday" post on my personal blog, I am trying to tear down the wallpaper in the bathroom.

Pray for me.

I think the people put it on with concrete because it won't budge.

At times like this you start thinking that maybe having a room with bits of wallpaper torn off wouldn't be so bad. Perhaps we could call it "art." Or "shredded art."

After all, that whole "shred" thing worked for Jillian Michaels. I could be the Jillian Michaels of wallpaper art.

If I can't get that wallpaper off I am going to hire a demolition crew and take that wall down, people. That wallpaper is not going to beat me. No way.

Kind of makes you feel bad, though. Any wallpaper that fights that hard to live deserves to. But not on my wall.

Maybe I'll make a dress out of it and sell it on ebay. Any takers?


  1. I am picturing you and the wallpaper duking it out - you go girl!! I'd love some before and after pics (yes??) ~ ♥

  2. Here a great article to help get you started. I know you can do it. http://www.WallPaperonWalls.com/public/123.cfm
    Good luck

  3. Oh girl...when we bought our house every wall had wallpaper on it. It was a night mare. Our walls still have a few gauges in them from taking it off. good luck.

  4. Wall paper is a pain in the caboose!

  5. UGH! Have you tried soaking it in Goo Gone? I mean really DOUSING it?

  6. Well, Nan, I don't know what to tell ya...

    I was going to suggest scoring it, but you've done that.

    I was going to suggest wall paper remover, but you've done that.

    I was also going to suggest steaming it, but been there done that.

    Try drenching it and let it soak for a long long time. Good luck with it.

  7. Ha. Just do like me. A bucket of Kilz and paint OVER the wallpaper. :o)


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