Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's a Wrap Party

How come a man can figure out how to put together a baby's crib but can't figure out how to open a box of saran wrap properly?

My box of plastic wrap is mangled. It looks like its been through a war. Either that or men get together and have a wrap party where they all get together and mangle it at once.

People, those things aren't that hard to open. The hard part comes after you open it.

Seriously, who hasn't wrangled with a roll of plastic wrap?

I can't tell you the number of times I've wrestled with one and the box has won. Reminds me of that famous song "I fought the box and the....box won. I fought the box and the...box won." Something like that anyway.

Usually what happens is I get maimed. That's right. I leave skin, blood and a little DNA.

There is probably a secret to that stuff, but I don't wanna know it. I like having a knock-down drag-out fight every time I am attempting to cover my leftovers.

Sometimes it's the only exercise I get that day. Well, that and trying to burp the tupperware.

Which reminds me, there are only two things you burp....babies and Tupperware, right?

Just don't get the two confused.


  1. Ha. Girl, you're right -- it is nearly impossible to fix those rolls once someone messes up the flow. Ha.

  2. I don't use plastic wrap because I can't stand wrestling with it. And I think it just completely confuses men!

  3. My Grandma was a master at plastic wrap! She had thes HUGE box and she never had a problem. My mom is still using her box of plactic wrap and she passed 6 years ago. She and my sister's and I on the other can never get it to rip the way she did!

  4. lol you are too funny! Yes I don't think there is a secret so your wrestling days aren't over.

  5. I hate plastic wrap, once you manage to find where it begins on the roll, it's almost nearly impossible to tear it off completely on the sharper than any of my kitchen knives metal edge on the side of the box.

    Once that happens, it all blows against itself and I have to begin the process all over again. Who invented this stuff anyway?

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  6. Seems we all struggle with plastic wrap. I have found that Saran Wrap Premium is one of the better plastic wraps. It's a heavier quality, so it's easier to manage.

    Don't even get me started about managing my husband, though. ;-)

  7. And that is exactly why I don't use plastic wrap:-)

  8. That's why I'd much rather use aluminum foil, so much less drama.

  9. It is like that packing tape or electrical tape once it gets all off course. I hate that. The other night at theater the duct tape would not come off in one nice piece...oh no shredded everywhere.


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