Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just Call Me Cheyenne, As In Wyoming.....

Sometimes I visit someone's blog and type my comments in a hurry, and sometimes I accidentally type my name "Bab" instead of "Nan" because I hit the wrong keys. I have done this several times.

I am seriously wondering how many people think my name is Bab?

I never really liked my name. I wanted something exciting, mysterious, fun. I mean, who can get excited about a name that is spelled exactly the same, whether it's forward or backwards. This is called a Palindrome, by the way. Like Bob, or Hannah, or Eve.

How can you make a nickname or shorten Nan? Na?

When I was in 7th grade I wanted to be named Cheyenne, or Tiffany. Not Tiff-ney, but Tiff-A-ney. Don't forget the A, people.

I used to write my "dream" name all over my school folder. I would match up my dream name with my dream boy. You know, the cute boy that you liked back then? My dream boy had glasses and braces and I wanted glasses or braces soooooo bad just because he had them.

Of course he was my dream boy for all of maybe a week or two. Girls are fickle when they're in 7th grade.....

The "dream" boy changed (and eventually I married my dream man!) but my dream name never did. I still think that there is a Cheyenne buried deep down inside of me. Or maybe a Tiffany. With an A for Attitude.


  1. I think forward and backward names are neat. My grandpa and grandma were Bob and Hannah.
    Cheyenne is too many letters, and some may spell it Cheyanne, or Shyanne, or Sheyann. Too confusing. Nan...right to the point.

  2. I once didn't speak to my Dad for two weeks when I found out it was he who had picked out my name. I hated it. It rhymes with midget and kids can be brutal. i wanted another name...any name...Brenda sounded good to me once.

  3. I wanted my name to be Trixie, after Trixie Belden in the mystery books! lol Beth is soooo boring.

    Bab is a cute name. Your typos could be worse, ya know. One day I signed off on several blogs I had visited, meaning to say "BIG HUGS". What I accidentally typed, though, was "BIG JUGS"! *Ahem* Still haven't lived that one down!

    Big HUGS...

  4. What a beautiful name! I think we all want a different name at one time or another. I think mine was Rose? I don't think I would want that name now.

  5. Great post Nan, I like the name Cheyenne too, but figure it is suited for a girl that is really outdoorsy and that just ain't me. So even though I hate the name Cynthia (way to formal and stuffy for me) I do love the name Cindy. So I haven't ever really wanted another name. Most of my close friends call me Cyn....and I like that too.



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