Wednesday, April 21, 2010

When 5 Year Olds Make Decisions....

OK OK...So I have not posted in over a month on this blog
{muy muy apologies for that one ladies}

Well I am about to make up for that one right now.
I mean this post and this post alone will make you wet your pants!

So, onto the story.

He has been requesting for weeks....
Mom and Dad have been very hesitant because we knew what would happen.
But THIS 5 year old was determined....
Determined to be BALD.
*Parenting Tip: Do not let your 5 year old make decisions that will alter his self confidence in 3 seconds flat!

Remember this know HAIR..GLASSES {yada yada}....
Well this is the BEFORE photo;)

The I'm Gunna Be BALD EXCITMENT Shot....

The I just turned 75 and I am still excited! Otherwise known as "THE OLD MAN"

The "I Can't Believe that my mom did not stop me...what am I doing to myself" LOOK
*Poor Baby*

The..I'm not just MAD, I'm ANGRY face / look.

So, I am well aware of the Mother of Year Award that I just lost out to the woman who locked her kids in the car while she decided to gamble at the casino but I guess my son will now realize what the term BALD means and I will no longer have to hear about that one!

Hope to catch up with all of you soon....Life in the fast lane has been insane lately!!!



  1. Too funny! He is too cute, with or without hair:-)

  2. Oh my goodness! I am so glad you took pictures. That is hysterical!!! Hope he's adjusting!! I think he's cute without hair!

  3. I love the commentary. Truly I do. I hope that school went well for him yesterday. I think he understands just a bit better about our decisions having consequences. Fortunately for him, he will have hair in a week or so. but he is still the cutest baldy I know.

  4. Saw this post last night on your blog...reminds me of my guys when they were little.
    Blessings, andrea

  5. That is too funny. I love all the pictures and commentary along the way. I think he is adorable even bald. Unfortunately even us big kids have to learn things the hard way sometime : )
    Love and blessings, Angel

  6. It will grow back...not soon enough for him, I'm sure! lol Tell him to look at it this way...he won't have to worry about combing his hair, and he will feel nice and cool in the hot weather. (Just be sure to use sunscreen!) :-)

  7. I love the little old man look, lol! Hey, five is oldest enough to learn from the experience. Maybe next time he'll think that perhaps he should listen to mommy's wisdom.

    My son always wanted his hair really short when he was about seven. We cut his hair reaaaaally short and he hated it at first but then loved it. After that, he wanted it short every summer.

  8. Oh, Tara, that is wonderful! I think you did just the right thing. (Then again, I finally caved and let my daughter dye her hair deep, deep red (not permanent, but still)...fully aware she might hate it and she'd be stuck with it.) He'll be shocked at how quickly it grows and he'll only hold the grudge until he's 30 or so!

  9. so funny..but what a great lesson for him!! Good for you for being brave enough to let him do it. I don't know that I could've!!!

  10. You made me LOL. Seriously! Oh my gosh. I have one son (MY 5 year old- his birthday was today) that has had a mohawk twice. We call him Tommyhawk; his name is Thomas. The mohawk fits him. My oldest son has said on numerous occasion that he wants to be bald. There is no way. He is just not the kid for it. He is somewhat shy. He doesn't like extra attention. I have said no. It baffles me why he says he wants to be bald. It has been when Thomas has gotten a mohawk. I guess it is just a ploy for attention. No way. However, if Tommyhawk wanted to do it... I probably would. And, I'd have pictures just like yours!!!!

  11. At least it'll grow back quickly, right?

  12. Well, shampoo costs should be cut down for a little while! Time for a pedi.

  13. LOL ... oh dear. Was he really upset or did he like it? Cute pictures!

  14. This is funny - my son, now 10, wanted to have no hair when he was 4. One day he just woke up and asked, 'can I have no hair?' He kept insisting he wants it all gone for weeks. Finally, we had it buzzed - it was not good enough. He wanted it totally smooth. We shaved it smooth and he loved it. Every time a little stubble came in, he wanted it gone. Stayed like that for a year before we got tired of shaving it and he lost interest.

  15. Okay, where the heck was I when this was posted. OMG, that is FUNNY stuff, Tarah!~!!

    Poor little guy! I, of course, know it's already grown back by now, but wow. That little old bald guy look had me laughing out loud!!!! Whew!


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