Friday, April 30, 2010

Help Wanted...Help Needed!

Have you ever helped your Children?

Of course you have...
Sometimes they want our help & sometimes they just NEED our help.

Today I want your help...
AND because I am so NOT creative...
I NEED your help too.

Actress has an assignment for school where she has to Create, Market & Sell a product to the kids in her school & at the end of the day...Make a PROFIT.


We need to make something that kids would want to buy...
Something that is inexpensive to make...
Something that will sell for a fair but good price.

Some ideas we are throwing around are...

•Paper Airplanes
Cheap & she could decorate them by coloring them

• Flower Pens
We have tons of pens & would just have to buy that green tape

• Clothes Pin Magnets
For the kids lockers but we have no supplies for this.

Any Cute, Easy, Cheap ideas would be appreciated.

If you have any ideas...Please share!
I will for sure show you what we ended up doing in a later post!
Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. I really like the clothes pins....... I will have to think of something and get back to you on this.

  2. I like the clothes pins idea. Seems like they would be a great hit. If I was still a kid, I'd sure buy one. I don't think it will cost you that much to get a bag & magnets. I believe she can sells these and give back your supply cost & make a profit herself :) I'll let ya know if I think of something else.

  3. I LOVE The flower pen idea!I love to have them around myself, although maybe that wouldn't fly with the boys in school! Hmmm, if I think of something else I'll let ya know!

  4. those are lovely ideas.. but hmmm, how about tiny little different colored stars made of papers put in a tiny jar :)

    hope that helps!

  5. Oh I suck at this sort of stuff! Ummmmm,to bad you don't have a make-your-own-button supplies. My hubby made and sold those when he was a kid.

    A friendship bracelet? Or take a bunch of ribbons (the kind that you use with gift wrap)and curl them and then attach them to a hair barrette? I also like the clothespins and the pen idea is cute too!

  6. What about the flower pen idea, but instead of flowers up there put a pinwheel, either made or purchased? It would extend the appeal to the boys in class too. Something I used to like making when I was a kid was pencil holder cans. Take a recycled veggie or soup can, put a little felt down at the bottom and wrap it in wrapping paper or wallpaper scraps, add a ribbon or ric rac. Some of my family that has those from me still use them :)

  7. I love all the ideas.
    I think something like Ribbon Hair Halos would be easy & pretty cheap. I also think they would be fun to make.

  8. Those ideas are PRECIOUS!!! My daughter made cute friendship bracelets just for fun and sold them for $1 each at school and came home with a ton of money. She literally had a notebook and was taking orders - how funny is that? I think the clothespin magnets would appeal to girls and boys because you could decorate them for either - the pens are ADORABLE but would limit their marketability. Can't wait to see what she does!

  9. Oh honey...I am the worst at being creative! have some AWESOME ideas in my book! I think the airplanes would appeal to the boys and the pens to the girls..can you have two products?

  10. I am so excited to see what you guys come up with! I am also horrible when it comes to creativity..I like the flower pen ideas though!

  11. The clothespin magnets are cute! Do you have a Cricut?!? I can't remember...but if you do, you could do vinyl cutouts for the kids lockers. You can get it pretty cheap at the craft store and I bet all the little girls {and some of the boys}would love to have their names on the inside of lockers or even on their notebooks!

  12. I love the flower pins and you know girls would be grabbing them up. Heck I would!

  13. Umm...the flower pen idea is soo cute! I just made one of those for my sisters wedding!

    Maybe Friendship bracelets? Anything with beads if you have them? Popsicle stick picture frames? Paper Bookmarks?

  14. I like the pen idea, but maybe something that both boys and girls would like? So you can sell more?

  15. Friendship bracelets? Embroidery thread is pretty cheap and I think the kids would love them!

  16. I love the flower pens! Dudes might not though.

    how about boondoggle lanyard keychains....

  17. Well, I thought of a kite when I saw the paper airplane but I really like the flower pen. I'd buy on for sure!

    It would make me feel good...happy to see one of those pens in my hand!

    Good luck!

  18. Mimi, what a great idea! I think the airplane and pen are great ideas that would be snatched up. Another thing that just popped into my head is baby food jars filled with bubble gum with cute labels. Everyone likes bubble gum...may have to okay that one though???? I let you know if I think of something else!!! Good luck!

  19. Not so creative over here either. I'm sorry I can't help so much. I do love the flower pen idea. Oh, something my friend just showed me is a bottle that her daughter taped with masking tape all over in small pieces and then you rub it with shoe polish. It is then used as a decorative vase.

  20. Ooooh, what about homemade play-doh in different colors and you can add scents from orange extract, lemon, etc. You can also add cinnamon. Just a thought.

  21. Hmm I don't know maybe for the boys you can make marshmallow guns they are fun and cheap to make.
    My boy makes them and sells them on crafts shows for $5 bucks. He always makes a fortune with them.

    For the girls you can buy a bunch of cheap beads and strings and they can make their on bracelet.

  22. Also make this little origami!

  23. hmmmm ~ friendship bracelets but I also love the pen idea! Let us know what you decide and how she does :) okiedokie

  24. How about back pack key rings since our kids are forced to stuff all their school supplies in these along with their books.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  25. I love the flower pens, but also maybe bracelets for the girls, and boys...uhmmm..I'm clueless!

  26. I love Rhonda's idea for the baby food bubble gum jars....I have a CUTE name but I will email it to you...;)

  27. Oh I like the flower pens...those are my fav...but I also like the magnet clothespins! What a super cool project! Hope she does well!

  28. i love all 3 of those ideas! I am the antithesis of crafty....I can't make anything!
    What about those God's eyes things..2 sticks and some yarn? Molly made one in art. I remember making them when I was little. they could be big or small! ???

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  30. Im your newsest follower! :) What a great idea to team up with other bloggers!
    I love the flower pen idea.
    What about necklaces?
    A friend of mine makes them. The kids love them and they are do easy to make. She charges $5 for them but Im pretty they really dont cost a lot to make. She uses leather or what looks like leather string puts a knot in it, puts a plain colored bead, then a decorative shape bead for a boy or girl, a plain bead, knot, and voila its a necklace.

    She used football, soccer ball, baseball, and basketball decorative bead for boys.
    And flower, cupcake, butterfly, etc for girls.
    I can take a picture and sent it to you if you are interested.

  31. I love all those ideas especially the clothes pin magnets, can't get enough of those for the fridge and praying is a good thing to remind people to do.

  32. MMM I LOVED the clothes pins magnets and if Actress goes that route... I'm in for a few! I love the sayings on them.

    How about buttons? Or book markers? Or book covers?

  33. Don't know if you can sell homemade food products, but cookies or cupcakes would probably be a big hit.


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