Tuesday, April 20, 2010

For Some Reason.....

For some reason, whenever someone is in the upstairs bathroom, that's when I suddenly develop the need to go. I gotta go. I gotta go NOW.

Whenever someone is on the phone, that's when I discover that I really have several urgent calls that need to be made (and no, I don't want to use my cell phone). They can't wait. Urgent. Somebody desperately needs to hear from me.

Whenever my husband borrows my car, I remember that I really WAS going to need my car just as he drives away (and no, I don't want to use his car). My car is cuter than his car and don't I need to show it off?

Whenever I get a cut on my finger it doesn't hurt.......until I notice it. Then it hurts like crazy. Pain. Call the medics.

Whenever I hear about lice, my head itches.

Admit it.

Your head itches now, doesn't it?

Whenever someone coughs, I feel the need to cough. *hack* *wheeze*

Whenever someone cries, I feel the urge to join them.

Whenever someone yawns, I suddenly have to yawn too.

Pretend I'm yawning now. Anybody yawning yet? Just wondering.

Oh, and whenever someone is eating something really wonderful, suddenly I crave something yummy too.

Hmmmm, I can't decide if I'm just easily led or open to the power of suggestion! What do you find yourself doing?


  1. *scratching my head*

    Whenever I see someone with a nice organized house.... it makes me want to kidnap them and make them come back to my house and do mine.

    (that kinda counts, doesn't it?)

    Funny post!

  2. Hi Nan :-}

    First off, thanks for the reminder that your here today. You read my recent posting about my brain didn't you? .... chuckle, chuckle

    My sons have this thing of out of the blue asking each other "does your butt itch?" and then waiting to see just how long the other person can resist scratching their rear end. Guys!!! ;-p

    Personnally, I am only yawning because I was heading back to bed anyways!!! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!! o;-p

  3. I'm sort of like Michelle in the comments above. When I visit someone with a perfecly organized house I am inspired to get back home and do mine. That's a good thing!

  4. Thank you so much my dear Nan...I now have to itch my head, while yawning, and all of a sudden nature is calling, or is that the phone? ;-)

  5. That is so funny - and SO true! Can't stand the itchy head thing. ewwww - shudder... But you're right. Is it instinctive or just a habit to mimic the way we do? Great thoughts today. lol

  6. So true and funny. Hate the lice thing. My son plays "yawn pong", a silly game where you fake yawn on purpose and it always makes someone else yawn. Why do we do these things : )


  7. Yawning kills me. If someone else starts it, I can't stop.

  8. Gee, thanks...I'm sitting here itching and yawning now. Makes me want to cry! lol ;-)

  9. I am with you with the lice thing! We had a case go around my classroom this year and I could not stop itching for days!!

  10. Yeah, thanks. After I make some phone calls, finish itching my head and yawn a few more times, I might think of ways I'm affected by the power of suggestion...

  11. Oh Nan...you are too much. That is funny. I always feel sick to my stomach when I hear that someone was sick with the flu. LOL It is the power of suggestion for me.

  12. LOL! Yawn!! I feel the need for some chocolate!! lOL!

  13. Thanks Nan, I am now a hot mess! I've an itchy head, a need to yawn, pee, and use the phone all at the same time,LOL. :-)


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