Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Mad" Money?

I once read somewhere that Bill Gates would lose money if he actually bent down to pick up a $100 bill. Hmmmmm, we all should be so lucky, lol!

I know that some people seem to be money magnets. They walk along a road and they find money, they walk across a parking lot and find money....how do they DO that? I don't find money when I go for walks. However, I must admit that I'm not looking for it either. Maybe that's my problem, I'm playing too hard to get.

Sometimes I am better at making money disappear than I am at finding it. I have to admit that for the most part I am fairly frugal, but I do have my moments.

Did you ever look under your couch cushions for money? Did you ever find any? I want to know why I never find a $20 bill under there. All I ever find is lint, the occasional raggedy dog chewy, and stale popcorn.

I am beginning to suspect that I need to make people submit to a shake down when they come into our home. You know.......I could have them stand near the sofa and then maybe "accidentally" yank them upside down and shake them up and down a bit. That way, all their loose change would fall onto the couch and in between the cushions, for me to "find" later. Do you think they'd notice?

I still have to figure out how to do that, however. Maybe I'd better bulk up a bit first.

I just think it's much more fun to "find" money. It's like a surprise. I've been known to stash a $10 or $20 bill somewhere in my purse. My mother calls it "mad" money. I guess I was supposed to use it if I got mad at a date and had to take a cab home?

Anyway, after awhile I forget about the money and then one day I will come across it again. Wooohoo! Surprise! "Free" money! Didn't make me mad at all to find it!

If you ever do this I highly recommend that you carefully look through your purses before you give them away to the thrift store. Otherwise you may be giving away money!


  1. Ha Nan. It would do you NO GOOD to shake me upside down. I don't find a lot of money floating around either. Sometimes I see some coins here and there. Mostly out of our washing machine. Perhaps you shouldn't do such a good job emptying pockets before you wash. Then you won't know who the money belongs to and you can claim it. hee hee

  2. Since I don't really carry a purse, I have found $20.00 down in a pocket of a pair of pants I might wear once a year and that's always a fun surprise.

  3. Last night my cat freaked out at the couch. Thinking it was a scorpion that had him all upset, I moved sweet daughter and the couch. Low and behold no scorpion, thank goodness, but 6 dollars wrapped in a receipt!! Gave the cat a treat for that find!

  4. Great advice...
    Blessings, andrea

  5. we call it hot money :) and it is always a nice surprise although it doesn't happen all that often for me :)

  6. We always find money. My son found $20 floating in the water at the beach and NO ONE was around for it to be theirs. My kids always check the change return in candy machines and drink machines and if you look behind and kind of under them you can find a lot of money. When we got married my husband had this HUGE plastic soda bottle that they had put change in forever. We had been married for about 6 months and needed money for food and decided to cash it in and had over $200 of mostly pennies. We were like rich.

  7. Great tips and also look in those jacket and coat pockets as well. I've found money in the oddest of places.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  8. I love finding money too. The other day I found a 5 in my pocket & I was so excited. my hubs said "why are you so excited...you must have lost it at some point. " LOL I know but it was fun to find it.

  9. Unfortunately, a shakedown over here will get you nothin' for the couch...it was good idea though...
    being broke stinks :(

  10. nope..don't bother shaking me down. All I ever have on me is my debit card..and sometimes even IT refuses to help me out!!

  11. I never find money in the couch either. What is up with that? I do however sometimes get money out of the washer. :D

  12. Hey Nan! I wish I was a money magnet. I try to be frugal too, always (well most of the time) buying off the clearance rack. There's nothing like finding something really great for really cheap! But, why is it so easy to get rid of money??? Wouldn't it be great if it was as hard to get rid of money as it is to get rid of fat rolls???? There's been a few times when I've found money in my purse. I love that! It's kinda like winning my own lottery.

    But, the one of the craziest ways I've ever found money was when I was helping my sister a few weeks ago clean out her house and as I was digging through the mess in my nephew's room, I found an envelope. Inside the envelope was a birthday card from February 2009 with 20 bucks in it. I tell ya, kids these days!!!


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