Thursday, March 18, 2010

Quirky Is As Quirky Does

Today I came across a fun meme.  It's called Top 3 Thursday and it was brought to me by Confessions of a Working Mom and The (Un)Experienced Mom.  Each week they set the tone for your Top 3 lists.  This week's theme is all about getting in touch with all our QUIRKS.  At first I thought, man, I've got nothing.  My brain was drawing me a ______(blank)_______.

I said to my brain, "Brain, don't fail on me now!  Work with me.  I need a post and I know there's got to be something a little off about me.  It's pretty obvious to everybody else so surely you'd be smart enough to pick it up too.  They don't call you a brain for nothing! So, come on get with it!" 
After having that little pep talk with Brain, I started getting these images of me doing some pretty quirky things.  They may not be the most outrageous things imaginable but  for a girl that's as laid back as me, it's not gonna get too weird anyway.

So, here's what's on my TOP 3 QUIRKY THURSDAY LIST!
  1. I can't stand to be barefoot.  I hardly ever kick off my shoes and relax my feet.  My shoes are with me til the very last minute of the day.  Socks are really dear to me too.  I've got to have some on my feet 24 / 7.  But not in the shower of course or on the beach.  Too bad though.  That would have really been quirky.... 
  2. I can't stand stepping on a wet floor (of course with my bare feet).  YUCK!!!!  Just thinking about it makes me cringe.  But you know what, now that Brain has me thinking about, wet floors are gross with or without bare feet.  I wish the hubby would dry up a little more before stepping out of that shower.  (shiver, shiver)Wet socks are gross too! 
  3. I think I think too much....... if I were a contestant on American Idol, I'd be as stiff as a doorknob.  (stiff as a that how you say it???)  I don't even know if any of that sentence above makes sense at all.  Maybe I don't think as much as I thought I thought.  Ok, I think my brain has officially punched out for today.....
So now it's your turn.  What makes you QUIRKY?  If you wanna post about it, make sure you link up with the two ladies above.

This QUIRKY post was brought to you by Miti


  1. The shoe thing is pretty quirky! I love to be home or in the yard! One place I refuse to go barefoot though, is in a hotel room! Something about the thought of everyone else's feet being there just grosses me out!

  2. I am so excited to see you playing along today!

    I am also a "sock wearer"-- even in the peak of summer. My mother is the opposite, though. She's been known to walk the dog... barefoot... in the winter... in OHIO. She IS that crazy old lady down the street!

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  3. Maybe one of your quirks is that you have conversations with your brain :-)

    I'm the complete opposite...I hate shoes! I am always barefoot! I walk out to the car barefoot all the time!

  4. I don't like to be barefoot and it drives me crazy to have crumbs on my feet:)

  5. That's funny- I love being barefoot! And what a cool blog you ladies have! And YippEE I'm your latest follower- stop by my place when you get the chance!

  6. Im a barefoot lady and socks feel like they inhibit me!!! ;) I have soo many other quirks I can't list them all!!

  7. That list would be far tooooooo long to blog. LOL!

  8. i LOVE being barefoot!!! but I am a country girl...sooooo

  9. Oh, I love it!!! My favorite adjective FOR MYSELF is QUIRKY!! I use it all the time. I guess most would say I'm weird, but I prefer QUIRKY!!! Afterall, go look at my little blurb about myself up there by my photo. SEE, I said QUIRKY!!!

  10. I prefer QUIRKY, too! My hubby calls me excessive-obsessive-compulsive. I have a type-A personality. Is that quirky enough???

    Oh, I do have one thing that's pretty QUIRKY...I can't stand to tear cardboard. You know when you open a box of clothes detergent and you have to pull that cardboard tab to open it? It gives me shivers and (literally) makes my tongue curl!

    I guess I'm QUIRKY after all!

  11. I love being barefoot - although I love socks -- that I guess is quirky with all kinds of different socks and no room in the drawyer.. :)

    Team Estrogen has some great socks with great sayings on them for athletes and non-athletes too. Very fun - especially for people who don't like to go barefoot, you must have quite the sock collection! :)

  12. I think I am the opposite of you. I could go barefoot all the time in the house (and usually do) and would wear flip flops all year if I could!

    Sorry it took me so long to stop by.

    Thanks for playing our game!



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