Thursday, March 4, 2010

Google, You're Fired!

I'm so frustrated right now! I no longer have googly-shmoogly eyes for Google. Today, I got the urge to update my cake website, but guess what?! Somebody decided to take my little website and mess it all up. It's a good thing I checked in today because if I hadn't, there's no telling how many people would have clicked in and right back out. It is such a mess that I'm considering telling Google, "YOU'RE FIRED!" He decided to play hooky and pawned off all my hard work to a Mr. Google Sites. WHAT! Does he think that just because they have the same first name, everything's gonna be just dandy?!

He doesn't fool me. I can tell a difference. The margins are off. There's duplicate photos. The headings aren't where they should be and everything is sqooshed together. And now this new guy has the nerve to even put surveys on MY website.


I didn't approve this!!!

AND I DON'T know who YOU think you are, but there's no US and you're NOT helping me one bit!

How could he just take control like that?! Does Google NOT remember how LONG it took me to put it all together?! And NOW he wants ME to clean up his mess?!!!!

So, now I have a BIG decision to make. Should I stick it out and try to work things out with this new Mr. G. Sites or should I just say, "YOU'RE FIRED!", and be done with it. That sounds like a better option. Besides, who needs the hassle when I could hire Mr. Blogger to keep up with all my cakes. He seems to be doing a great job here and at Pieces of Me.

What do y'all think?



  1. Miti,

    Hmmm not really sure what is going on but my suggestion is that if it's a simple fix just work on it, but if it's something that could take a while or that may happen over and over, it may be time to say, "You're fired"!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. Could you buy your own domain? I think they are like $10 a year or something like that. I love all your cakes...I was just over perusing them. So cute.

  3. Yeah, you're right, it sort of was a mess! BUT, it was the first time I've visited it, and was still able to look at the pictures of all the cakes, and can I just say, WOW! Great job! Hope you get the mess figured out soon!

  4. I'm with Mimi...see about getting your own domain. Your cakes are too cute to stay hidden!

  5. Not real sure what to think, but I do feel your pain coming through and wish I could make it all better myself. ((hugs)))

  6. I would say "YOU"RE FIRED" and either do what MIMI suggested and/or like you said blogger...That is really crazy...and VERY DECEIVING if you ask me!
    praying you know just what to do!

  7. I have no advise because I really don't know much about this kinda stuff. I hope you get it worked out soon.


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