Friday, March 12, 2010

Good Advice On A Not So Good Day...

The other day I was talking to my husband on the phone...
He knew I was having a stressful week.
He knew I was having a stressful day.
He knew I was busy...
He knew I was just tired.

I asked him as I always do...because I am a SAHM...

"Is there anything you need me to do for you today?"

My husband gave me the BEST & SWEETEST answer ever...

"Just keep breathing"

Big *sigh*

"I love you & I will keep breathing this week just for you!"

He loves me!

What sweet things has your husband said to you lately?

Hoping your week was full of Fresh Spring Air & lots of Deep Breaths!
Taking in all the deep breaths I can!


  1. My husband told me that I better not snap a picture of him that would end up on my blog...does that count as sweet? No seriously, he did get a babysitter for a date night this weekend...MAJOR BROWNIE POINTS!!!

  2. So so sweet :) Its nice when they know exactly what we need!!

  3. Mine is has been out of town since Sunday, and in the week he has been gone, I have had 2 sick kids and found out our kids have been rezoned to a terrible school. STRESS. Hubby told me that next week I need to take a ME day, no ifs ands or buts.

    I hope you are still breathing!!!

  4. so very sweet...I think Ryan needs lessons from him!!!

  5. awwww that is sooooo sweeet! :)

  6. What a sweetie! I think the sweetest thing my hubby does is just listen to me complain. He lets me get it all out so I can try and not be as stressed!

  7. That is so sweet! I love it when husbands are so understanding!

    Mine just came out and said, "Good Morning my beautiful wife!" Talk about making my heart melt, even after all these years!


  8. Awww...thank goodness for husbands EVERYDAY, but most of all on those stressful days! We just need to be grounded sometimes and it is wonderful when spouses can step in when we need them too. Hope you can relax this weekend my dear. (((hugs))

  9. LOL, and BTW, we have the same hair color...well at least for now...I'm changing again with the next box....knew you were wanting to know that info!!

  10. My running program is going slower than I'd hubby has reminded me 2x this week that I need to take it's a long journey..this is the start and to remember I've been pregnant or just getting over being pregnant for the last 4's going to take some time. He's right...the next day...I had an awesome run. He's full of great encouragement and support. He's the best!

  11. My hubby asked me if I wanted him to bring me something home to eat last night. He didn't bring it, but at least he thought to ask me...:D

  12. I knew that Agent was a good catch when I met him. So glad you have such a great guy that makes it all better for you. You're a sweetheart and so deserving of his kindness.

    Every time I talk to Brad on the phone, he calls me his pretty girl. He still melts my heart ♥.

    Hope you have a WONDERFUL, STRESS-FREE weekend. And here's a BIG (((HUG))) for ya!

  13. Awwww, that was a sweet thing to say.

    My hubby calls me sweetheart all the time, and that melts my heart.

  14. What a fabulous thing to say! My hubby's latest nice comment was:

    "....don't worry about the bins in the morning...I'll put them out as I've an early rise...."

    It's Mothers Day in the UK this Sunday, so he'll make up for it then as always!

  15. aw how sweet.
    my hubby brought me pms chocolate yesterday :)

  16. That is so sweet.

    Mine told me I meant the world to him.

  17. That´s so great! What an awesome sweet response! unforntunately we have soooo much more to do than that. I mean wouldn´t we all love to just curl up into bed and just breath sometimes!

    Dani Joy

  18. That's a great husband is much the same.

  19. My hubby has been offering to do all kinds of things for me lately, as a matter of fact everytime I see him he asks, Do you need anything? I try and think of something to say. He always does whatever I ask. I guess I am lucky like that or in my case blessed with a great guy!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  20. I don't know what a SAHM is, but congrats on getting some fresh air!

  21. no hubby for a couple more months. but he, as a b/f, says sweet things from time to time!


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