Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Jelly Bean Diet

Ooops! I totally forgot about doing a post for today. Frankly, I blame daylight savings time. And spring. And sunshine. And my diet. And jelly beans.

Whaaaaaat? Jelly beans aren't on your diet?

Well, they aren't on mine either but who cares? Spring is coming!

So I hope y'all have a lovely day today and pretend that this is a post about something relevant. You know, like it always is.......... :0)

If I had the time and the creativity (and the energy) I would do a whole post about the kind of diets that they should have out there.

You know, like the chocolate diet.

The good book diet.

The sunshine and cool diet pepsi diet.

The no-exercise diet.

You know, a fun diet.

Instead, I'll let you write the post today. Feel free to leave any comments about the kind of diet you'd like to be on!


  1. I'd like to be on the Let's drink coffee, out in the Spring air, while munching on Chocolate, in the midst of a Good Book, while absolutely NOT exercising and expect to lose 20lbs in a month diet!

  2. The Hershey Bar, sit in the sun and read and nap all day diet works for me. :o)

  3. On a related note, Jelly Belly jellybeans got rid of their peanut butter flavor beans and no longer have peanut warnings on their packages. (Some packages will still have warnings until they use all of the peanut butter product up.) I am SOOOO excited about that. Might get to have a JellyBelly diet at my house now. :)

  4. I'd love it if there was an EAT WHATEVER YOU WANT AND NEVER GET FAT DIET. I could eat Jelly Bellies ALL THE TIME and never actually get a jelly belly. That would be awesome!!!

  5. Oh, I would so LOVE to be on an "Eat all the Cadbury Fruit n' Nut bars diet"...YUM!

  6. Kim has the idea of the kind of diet I would love to find! 20 lbs in a month would just be an extra to how fun that lifestyle would be. :)

  7. Hmmm how about candy corn diets, marshmallow peeps, cheesecake diets, and even Krispy Kreme donuts! Oh see if these were working diets they would have no problem, getting people to join in.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  8. Oh, yeah...the eat all you want, lie around all day, lose weight and get rich diet!!!!! That sounds good to me!

  9. No exercise diet & iced coffee diet would work for me:)

  10. I'm on the eat as much chocolate as you like diet while drinking coffee and reading the day away diet! :D


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