Thursday, March 25, 2010

Delivery Dreams

Remember when you were a kid and the sweet sound of an ice cream truck came to your ears?  Well, somethings just never change.  Kids still go crazy for the ice cream truck.  

Today the One-Minute Writer asked what delivery truck would have you adults out there running towards it like a mad barbarian. 

My vote goes for Starbucks Coffee!!!!!!!!!!

What would the delivery truck of your dreams deliver?



  1. The sno-cone truck!I guess here we would just be happy with any type of delivery truck would do since we don't have one.

  2. I'm still all for the ice cream truck. Oh and purlator...good things come in purlator packages..wink wink


  3. I would run after the dunkin donuts truck. Coffee and donuts. YUM

  4. I'd chase after Starbucks, too!!

  5. I live in the Appalachian mountains, y'all. We've never had an ice cream truck around here. BUT, when we were little, we did have our neighbor, Mamaw Nickles, who used to sit under her carport and hand crank some homemade ice cream. We definitely ran to her house for that...especially the banana ice cream! lol

    These days, I would run after a Harry & David's chocolate truffle truck. :-9

  6. Ohhhh....hhhmmmm....let me think...I would run after a Sonic truck to get me some diet cherry diet coke and chocolate, anything chocolate...although I do like Mimi's answer...not about the coffe, but all about the donuts...yum!

  7. an Auntie Anne's pretzel truck...oh how much fatter I would be if those made the rounds around town!

  8. My guilty pleasure is chinese food. Yum! I'd like to hire a little chinese man to come to my home and live with me....just for the food. That sounded weird, didn't it?


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