Friday, September 10, 2010

While The Cats Away The Mice Will Play...

Not hardly.

I have had 2.5 days of me time & yet I have not found time for me.

How is that?

All 3 of my children started school on Tuesday...

I should now have a ton of time to Blog, Edit Pictures & Hang out with friends.
Yeah right!

I haven't done any of those things since Freedom school started.
Well...except right now...but I am typing this post at 10:00 PM & I just created that lovely collage too.

I am still waiting for the part where this Mouse gets to play while the Cats are away.

As my good friend Annie always sang "Tomorrow, Tomorrow"

Maybe Tomorrow!

I'm not complaining though because I wouldn't do that...
Especially since I just wrote myself a letter to stop it!

Have a Blessed Weekend!


  1. cute collage ... you've only had 2 days, give it time life could get crazier!

  2. I always have the same are at school=Mommy has more time. Ummm yeah, Not.So.Much!

  3. I think you need to deserve to play! Have fun with all 3 in school this year and remember to take some time for YOU every week!

  4. I think we "ease" into Fall. Of course, my Fall schedule is busy because homeschooling starts up as does church activities that I teach at.

    But every time there is a schedule change I think we moms get very busy running around and trying to adapt! Either that or we overschedule all our free time, lol!

  5. Happy Back to school days! Beautiful kids! Hope you have some fun, play time...

    Blessings & Aloha!
    All our 3 are grown and out of our home, but with working outside the home, I sure have a very limited amount of fun , blog reading time!


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