Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's Not Wallpaper, It's Hairpaper

Here are ten things you don't want your husband to hear you say when you are removing wallpaper and he is in the other room within earshot:

1. Uh oh!

2. ooooooops!

3. Wow, that scratch looks pretty deep.

4. Hmmm, I wonder if I can hide that behind a picture frame?

5. Wow, who knew you could put a hole in the sheetrock like that?

6. Good grief, another one?

7. I can't believe that sheetrock is so fragile. I mean, after all, it has ROCK in its name.

8. Ouch!

9. Why did I ever decide to remove this in the first place??????

10. I think I changed my mind.

I think I will be removing wallpaper for a very long time, sigh. Maybe we should just close the door and put "caution" tape across it. Distressed is "in" right now, but not sure that the walls would qualify.

Tonight I was watching a little t.v. and my husband pulled a piece of wallpaper out of my hair. Maybe I'll start a new trend. Care to join me? What will you be wearing in your hair?


  1. Wow can I relate! I removed wallpaper from 5 rooms in my last house. NIGHTMARE!!!!!

  2. When we bought this house, EVERY wall, closet and shelf had wall paper on it. And it was nasty ugly 70's wall paper so it had to go and we had to strip it ALL in less than a week. So I know your pain girlfriend and I NEVER, EVER, want to touch a piece of wall paper again in my life. I wouldn't even pull a piece out of your hair, that's how bad I hate the stuff. LOL!
    Phew I feel better now, Thank You!

  3. I, too, bought one of those homes with 70's wallpaper in every room. The foil is amazing. You have to take it of in two coats, the stuff was so thick. First the shiny stuff pulled off, then the underlay. We used a lot of spraybottles, spray with water, let sit, peel. We began to have contests who could pull off the biggest pieces. The first room to go? The guest bathroom papered with bathroom scenes with ugly, fat, naked men wrapped in towels. I guess I have enough OCD in me to say I kinda' enjoyed the task. Now, the fixing the walls and repainting, that's another story.

  4. Oh how I detest stripping wallpaper!! Have done it way too many times in my life and have now vowed to never use wallpaper again!!

    You are right about what not to let your husband hear, LOL

    Can't wait to see pictures of the finished project though!!

    Love and Blessings

  5. Taking down wallpaper is NOT a blessing :-) I feel like I've been in the kitchen so much I'll start a trend with egg in my hair, LOL!

  6. Been there...done that! The last time I tried to remove wallpaper, it was messing up the sheet rock so I just painted a coat of Kilz over the old and put the new over it. Looks great.....no one would ever know! As far as what is in my hair... wedding cake.....we are still eating wedding cake! :-)

  7. I've never wallpapered (nor painted) but desperately want to redo our gameroom bathroom. I'm just kinda scared I'll mess it up!

  8. I have heard that removing really old wallpaper is down right difficult and I agree, who knew that wallpaper paste could be stronger than crazy glue and gorilla glue put together. Perhaps they should use it in cars to keep them together in case of an accident.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  9. If you visited my home you would find you've got it the wrong way round - I am the one who makes these comments, it's my wife who really is the competent one!

  10. Take a spray bottle of ammonia and soak the wallpaper. Wait a few minutes and peel. It really works wonders!


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