Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Eh is EHNUFF....

So, your travelin to Canada...Eh ?

So your family likes saying Eh....Eh?

Everytime someone asks me a question in my family they say Eh which is fine if we are speaking to someone who is Canadian but now, I'm not sure we will ever get rid of it....{Eh}!

Seriously...this is what we have encountered so far:

"So, you like muffins Eh"!! Um yeah...we love muffins...thanks for asking!

"So, you like huffin and puffin Eh"!! (As said while we were on a trail) and YES, I was huffin and puffin!

"So you like goofy hats...Eh" Yes, we love silly hats....

So what do I do with the Eh? Do we keep it? I'm really starting to love it..Eh!

Till next time...



  1. LOL--- did you travel through Minnesota? ''Cauase we have some of our own fun and unique phrases. :)



  2. I say keep it eh! Love it too. Glad to see you are alive and still kicking love the hats too:)

  3. I did the same thing after I visited Canada. LOL You'll get over it soon. :o)

  4. Eh, those hats are cute! I especially like the sock monkey one!

  5.'ll wear off........eventually!

  6. Isn't Canada just They say "Ya know-a", ya gonna go-a?" And they say "Aboat" instead of "about". It's really funny to me-a.

    happy summer-a,


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