Friday, June 11, 2010

Am I Crazy?

I am always afraid to change the sheets on our beds...
But I try to do it every other week.
The day I change the sheets one of the three kids will have a bloody nose that night
or Stunt Man will have an accident.

Are you kidding me?
Back into the washer...
Makes me Crazy.

The other day my van started making noises...
I mean driving down the road for 10 minutes still making noises...
I get 2 blocks from my mechanics shop & the noise stops.
I pick him up & drive around only for it to purr like a kitten.

Are you kidding me?
I know he thinks I am Crazy!

We have been teaching Angel new tricks.
She is a very smart dog...
The other day I taught her to play dead.
I call Agent in the room & tell her to play dead...
She looks at me like I have three heads
Of course does not play dead.

Are you kidding me?
Come on...Throw me a bone here.
Now Agent thinks I am Crazy with three heads too!

Please tell me I am not Crazy...
Things like this happen to you too...Right?

Trying to find Sanity,


  1. Nope, you're not crazy. I've had the car that doesn't act right for the mechanic...the infant who fussed all day, then stopped once we were at the pediatrician's office and acted like an angel...
    Hehehe, yours are funny, though!!

  2. Oh no! These things NEVER happen to me, EVER! Nope! I got it ALL together. Yup!

    I know you know me better than that my friend!
    And I don't think you're crazy. In fact I think I can completely relate to this on all levels! LOL!
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Oh, yeah. Things like that definitely happen. We'll have an appliance on the fritz allllll day long, but as soon as Hubby walks in, it works fine.

  4. I hate to clean my kitchen floors for the same reason you hate to change the sheets! I cleaned the floors on Wednesday this week, and that night at dinner the bottom of the salt shaker came off and salt went everywhere!

  5. things like that happen to me all the time. drives my nuts

  6. Murphy's Law, my friend - happens to all of us. :)

  7. If you're crazy, then I'm crazy with you.

  8. I don't know if you are crazy or not but you make me laugh... a lot.

  9. I feel the craziest when I work midnights and have to stop and think about what day it is. It's even worse when you ask your mother and she tells you the wrong one.
    Your not crazy, you are superwoman!!!

  10. now I'm relieved! I am not the only one ;)

  11. LOL ... the look on the dogs face, hee hee. Too cute.

    Well, the main thing that happens to me is IF I finally break down and wash my vehicle -- IT WILL RAIN. So, if there is a drought -- all I have to do get out a bucket and hose. :o)

    IF I clean my house, nobody visits. IF I get a shower first thing in the morning -- NOBODY visits. IF I am being lazy and stay in my PJ's later than normal -- SOMEONE (dressed nice and preppy) WILL come by and judge me. I'm sure they judge me. lol

  12. If you're crazy than I am along for the ride! just sayin'!

  13. Crazy? I thought those kinds of things were just part of life! At least that's how MY life goes!

    I remember Saturdays always being change the sheets day growing up. hmmm..hadn't thought of that for a long time.

    Maggie is so smart. Here at our new home, hubby does not want her up on our bed. (she is use to sleeping with me) so it's a chore to keep getting her off of it when she jumps up there. Finally, the other day, I told her, " may not get on the bed. You may lie on the rug, or over in that chair (in the corner) but not on the bed." She looked at me with her little sad eyes...looked over at the chair, back at me, then proceeded to jump up IN THE CHAIR! like she knew exactly what I'd said!!!

    so smart that little cock-a-poo of mine!!


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