Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bumps, And Aches, And Bruises, Oh My!

I get annoyed when I hurt myself. I really do. If I bump into something hard enough that it hurts, it annoys me. It not only annoys me, it has the potential to greatly irritate me....not to mention it might even hurt my feelings.

I think it's because I feel it's unnecessary. After all, it's not like I'm walking down the hall and all of a sudden the wall jumps out and deliberately gets in my way. It's not as if I am standing in the kitchen and the cupboard or drawer suddenly attacks me.

It just feels that way sometimes.

I have lived in this house a long time. I know where the walls are. I know where the corners and edges are. Still, I manage to hurt myself.

I can walk and turn the corner........and the corner has moved. All of a sudden, the wall is three feet longer than it used to be, which means the corner is now in my way. That is the only explanation.

The cupboards and drawers conspire against me. The walls move, the floors become uneven all of a sudden, the stairs are like a roller coaster ride.

What other explanation is there? It's either them, or me.

And if it's me, then it's my fault, and thus I can prevent it. Only, I don't.

I cut corners as I'm going from room to room. I don't walk, I rush.

I pile a laundry basket about five feet high and then try to carry the thing down the stairs, carefully feeling for each step in front of me as I can't see where I'm going.....I am just an accident looking for a place to happen.

I take it as a personal insult if the phone rings more than once. I like to see how quickly I can answer the phone, even if it means I have to bodily launch myself into the air, leaping over dogs and people alike to get to it. Because I have to answer it first, of course.

I leave cupboard doors open, bend down to pick up something that fell out of the cupboard, and then bump my head on the cupboard door. I burn my fingers in the oven, slam my fingers in the drawers, and all in all just manage to injure myself.

Annoying, but true. And now, if you will excuse me, I have to go bump into something on my way to somewhere. Thank you.


  1. Well I'm sure this will come as no surprise to you but I'm the same way. And I will comment out loud when I do something and say, "That's going to leave a bruise, remind me what I did, when it does." LOL!
    Have a fabulous bump free day!

  2. I get annoyed when I find a new bruise and cannot for the life of me remember HOW/WHERE I got it. I've been sporting a big ole knot and bruise on my leg, kinda to the left of my shin, for a week now...sore as all getout, and I have no idea what I bumped into. I keep blaming hubby for kickin me in his sleep, but I know it wasn't him. Just have no idea what I did!

  3. That just means you're a person who likes to get things done. I play a game where I see how fast I can clean up the house,Now that is a big accident waiting to happen.(considering I'm already clumsy or maybe it IS just the house. LOL)

  4. Hey that happens at my work! lol

  5. Are you my twin? LOL! I do the same thing. I just did it yesterday. I tried to carry some laundry down the stairs to basement and slipped. Ugh !:(

  6. I can relate...hence the fractured ankle I am living with. Did I tell you about the time I slipped in a puddle of water at and sprained my wrist or when I fell walking into the house and broke the lcd screen on our laptop. Grace is not my middle name...I feel a blog post coming...

  7. I get annoyed when i stepped on one of my darlin' little children's toys with my bare feet or bump my like on my inn table about 20 million times....Im not exactly the kind of person you would be call poised. Great post!!!

  8. I do the same thing! It's insane. Just today, I squished my index finger in my desk drawer...pretty sure I will have a bruise in my nail.

  9. We are long lost sisters. This sounds just like me. The cupboard thing is my kitchen time MO. I am always running into open cupboards and it hurts so bad. Grrr.

  10. I have a nice bruise on my knee right now. I can relate!

  11. I turn my watch face to the inside of my wrist now because I always cut corners too close and scratch the face. It's annoying, all right.

    The washer always grabs my ring and jams it into my finger too. That hurts!

    It is a strange thing that we do this, but it seems to be common amongst bloggers I see.

    Great evening to you,

  12. ladies, please. I am this way too. please stop rushing and slow down your life. this briusing is very unhealthy and may lead to death. i have stopped driving because i always rush even when driving and many times i was close to getting into a deadly car accident. whatevern u do, please step back to the way you were before you were a rushful person.


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